Our wholesale range includes furniture, lighting and home accessories exclusively designed by, or for, Authentics. For more than 25 years, we've built our reputation on the quality of our products and the service we provide to our customers, so we choose both the designers we collaborate with, and the UK and overseas trade partners we distribute through, with care.

We offer independent advice and consultancy to the corporate sector, using our design and manufacturing base, and are happy to produce bespoke products for special projects, events or promotions.

If you'd like to find out more about our approach, our collection and our services, or if you're interested in becoming a retailer, stockist or agent of the Authentics collection, please email us on,


Terms of trading - Trade customers only:

TERMS   Authentics  Trading Limited has drawn up these Conditions of Sale in the light of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 as amended and considers them to be fair and reasonable and its prices, delivery and payment terms are based upon contracts made on these conditions.  Any printed or standard conditions, which appear or are referred to on any documents emanating from the Purchaser are to have no legal effect whatsoever.  If the purchaser considers these terms unreasonable, he must inform the Company in writing before any contract is made - otherwise he will be deemed to have accepted that Authentics  Trading  Ltd. conditions are fair and reasonable.

DELIVERY.   Where the Purchasers order specifies a delivery date, Authentics Trading  Ltd. will take all reasonable steps to meet that date.  However Authentics Trading Ltd. can accept no liability for late delivery.  Goods subject to prior sale and availability.  Because of the nature of importing, some items will be out of stock from time to time.  Unless otherwise specified back orders will be sent within 180 days (see cancellations).  Undelivered balances below £25.00 will be cancelled unless specifically requested.  Carriage will be charged and payable on refused deliveries unless 3 days prior notice has been received by us in writing.  This specifically applies to companies using booking codes and times for specified deliveries.

PAYMENT AND RETENTION OF TITLE CLAUSE.  Strictly net thirty (30) days from date of invoice.  Very Important accounts not paid within our payment terms will be debited with interest charges at 3% per month above Bank base rate.  Title in the merchandise does not pass until payment is received by Authentics  Trading Ltd.  Legal and collection fees incurred through debt recovery will be debited to debtor.  It is both our expressed and implied terms of contract of sale on this or any other sale we enter into that the goods remain our property until paid for in full.  Our ownership is not impaired by relocation of the merchandise either by sale or movement to or by third parties not privy to our initial contract of sale.  N.B.  Accounts not cleared as per our payment terms will be placed “on stop” and no further goods supplied until account cleared.  Confirmed purchase and sales orders are only valid when our Terms of Trading are adhered to.

PASSING OF RISK AND OWNERSHIP.  The risk in goods passes on delivery, but the ownership of them remains vested in Authentics Trading Ltd. until the purchase price is paid in full, each order being considered as a whole.  The purchaser shall hold the goods as a Bailee.  Nevertheless, the goods may be re-sold provided that the proceeds of re-sale are paid to us to the extent necessary to discharge in full the amount due to us as sale price of the whole order of which the goods form part and these monies will be held in separate account.  The Purchaser shall ensure that at all times that the goods shall be stored or otherwise identified in such a way as to show that they are the property of Authentics Trading Ltd.  The Purchaser grants an irrevocable licence to Authentics Trading Ltd. and its agents to enter the customers’ premises, for the purpose of taking possession of Authentics Trading  Ltd’s property.

LIABILITY.  Authentics Trading Ltd. gives no express or implied warranty (whether arising out of trade usage or not) and accepts no liability whatsoever (direct, indirect or consequential) whether in contract or tort or in any other respect whatsoever as to materials, workmanship, performance, design, specification, suitability for any particular purpose or any other aspect of the goods except that liability for death or personal injury as a result of Authentics  Trading Ltd. negligence may not be limited or excluded.

Customers are advised to read the instructions supplied with goods and to follow those instructions closely.  If the Purchaser has any doubts about the interpretation of the instructions or the care and use of the goods he should seek advice prior to use.  It is the duty of the Purchaser to convey instructions for safe use to his employees or members of the public.

LAW & ARBITRATION.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any dispute arising out of or in connection with the sale and supply of our merchandise or services shall be governed by English Law in London, England.

DISCOUNTS.  Carton quantities less 2.5% discount, larger quantity discounts on application.

VAT:  VAT is shown separately at ruling rate on invoice.  Export Orders: Customers operating within the EEC must supply their VAT/TVA/MWST identification number prior to ordering or VAT will be charged and be payable at ruling rate in UK.

CLAIMS/RETURNS.  To be made in writing fourteen (14) days from receipt of goods.  No returns accepted without an RMA number.  Unauthorised returned goods will be subject to a 10% re-stocking charge.  Claims for non-delivery will not be accepted unless in writing and within 14 days from invoice date.  Credit note will be issued upon our receipt of written claim advice.  Our customer service agent will advise you on the best method of despatch of returns, either by Royal Mail or collection through our carriers. 

CANCELLATIONS.  Customers wishing to cancel their verbal or written orders must do so in writing at least 5 days before the goods are despatched.  Failure to cancel prior to despatch will render the customer responsible for payment of goods concerned and carriage where applicable.

ORDERING, COLOUR CODE AND DELIVERY.  Please specify quantities and colours carefully.  Where minimums are shown they must be ordered.  See schedule for colour code.  Sizes are approximate only.  Where only one measurement is given for a set of items it is the largest of the set.

NEW ACCOUNTS.  Opening order value for new accounts is £300.00 net minimum. Please supply full details of company (company registration number and registered office).  If sole trader or partnership, full name and personal address of owner/partners required.  Please furnish 2 trade references (including address, phone number and postal code), 1 bank reference.  First order will be pro-forma.  N.B. If full company or sole trader details are not supplied, accounts will not be opened and will only be supplied on a pro-forma basis.

DATA PROTECTION. All information is supplied strictly for our use only and complies with current Data Protection legislation as in force at 1/1/2001.  We advise all customers and prospective customers that we will be undertaking credit checks to establish trading accounts and credit limits.

PRICES.  All prices are subject to change without notice due to International currency revaluations, changes in freight rates, handling charges and industrial action.  This includes prices quoted and confirmed on all orders already received by us but not delivered.

Authentics Trading  Limited does not offer or accept “Sale or Return” or “Self Billing” terms of trading

Registered Office: 5 Carlton Road, London W5 2AW. Registered No 02735974. VAT No. GB946 8247 81

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